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You’re Never Too Small to Protect Your Brand!

Have you worked hard to establish your company’s brand, reputation, and identity? Do people recognize your logo? Have you autographed your company’s work with excellence? If so, you need to protect these things by establishing your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The USPTO recently issued Service Mark Registration no. 5,669,879 to Technology Associates and Products, LLC—basically, this means my logo is mine and no one can use it or my company’s name in association with the specific types of service TAP provides.

As much as I like to do everything myself, I cannot claim victory on this one—that goes to Michele Moss of Johnson Moss L.L.C. She patiently (and repeatedly!) explained the process, USPTO’s responses, and what all of this meant for me and my business. I met Michele at a talk she gave courtesy of the East Orlando Chamber of Commerce—the presentation was equal parts terrifying and inspiring. I learned from Michele that no company is too small to protect itself, and the modest professional fees for assistance are an investment in my company, my reputation, and my brand.

In the photo, Michele is presenting me with the original certificate from USPTO—which she had beautifully framed for display in my office at the UCF Business Incubator at Research Park. Stop by and take a look at what an investment in your company’s future looks like, and I will be glad to discuss what Michele did for me in detail.

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