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Services to Help You Grow

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At Technology Associates and Products, LLC (TAP), we provide short- to intermediate-term sales, business development, capture, and proposal support in the Orlando Area to technology companies, through consultancy and agency. Our key customer profiles include:


  • Small businesses/start-ups in high tech that lack funding or budget to have fulltime professional sales and BD on staff

  • Established companies (all sizes) needing burst support for new business initiatives/markets and proposals

  • Large Systems Integrators needing Capture support for large program proposals

  • Any company needing related services, provided directly and through our network of professional resources

    • Technical writing and editing

    • Project management

    • MARCOM development

    • Project Quality Monitoring

    • Graphics

    • SBIR Authoring

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TAP Your Company’s Growth Potential


TAP was founded to provide sales assistance, in many forms that customers regularly need, to the technology community in Orlando, FL. Customer needs frequently demand more than a single resource. We can TAP our network of skilled professionals to augment the core team’s capabilities, seamlessly to the customer, within a single contract, purchase order, and invoice. Customers always have the right to review our associates’ credentials and experience before engaging these resources. We also make every customer aware of our full product and services portfolio, including referral services for needs outside our domain, so that our customers may leverage the relationships TAP has built in the community.


Technology and Sales are dynamic by nature; TAP has the flexibility to address the changing needs of the market. We can tailor our services to meet most customers’ business and financial requirements. Call or email today to share your needs and see how we can help your company TAP its growth potential!

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