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Happy Birthday, TAP--and I Do Mean Happy!

On July 30, 2015, I launched Technology Associates and Products…TAP, for short. We recognized the need in Orlando for part-time, on demand sales, business development, capture, and proposal resourcing. It was an educated guess, and one year in, it looks like we guessed correctly, as we are still in business, debt-free, and with a growing client list.

Last week as I lazed about in the Keys on my first vacation in a few years, reflecting on this first year for TAP, I felt like I should share some of this story, because let’s face it, right now it is pretty easy to get down on the state of things. Politics, world events, business, culture—there’s a lot of reasons to lack enthusiasm. So let me describe just a few reasons why I am so positive about my business and my awesome clients.

First, the business community we work in, Orlando Technology, is rapidly growing and nationally recognized for key segments. Government, academia, and industry all foster an environment of innovation and creativity. This has been a great place to start a business focused on selling technology. One pleasant surprise has been how generous this community is. Sure we have competition, but we all continuously network and refer each other to potential new clients. My first four clients were all referrals.

Second, even a small company like TAP can be global. On any given day, we deal with clients, prospects, and opportunities in America, Canada, the Middle East, and Europe. As the global hub of modeling and simulation, Orlando is a very attractive market for providers who are established elsewhere but looking for a new target-rich environment—and someone to work it for them with minimal investment. It is flat out exciting to meet people from different countries, hear their stories, and work with them on something new.

Third, we so have many industry networking groups, events hosted by the Orlando Business Journal celebrating accomplishment and excellence, and volunteer opportunities locally, I meet new business people practically every day. Most of these events offer the chance to give back something to the community, veterans, or industry. I think a major driver of this is the presence of so many active and retired members of our armed forces. They bring a service mindset that is, frankly, contagious.

Last, but certainly NOT least, business has been fun! What we do is inherently constructive and creative. Sure there are risks, and downturns, and uncertainty, but work—and life—is fun if you let it be. I met so many new high quality people and learned about exciting new technologies…how could I not have fun?

I don’t have space to thank everyone who helped me this year, nor can I thank them enough. So for those who helped me get this thing going, I offer my most sincere Thank You. Year 2 already looks promising and we are off to a great start with bringing on two very interesting new clients. I look forward to growing with my customers. If you are excited about your business too, send me a message!

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